Robert Pattinson Haircuts

Robert Pattinson Haircuts

Robert Pattinson haircuts get their name from a movie actor going by the same name: Robert Pattinson; who has starred in the movie 'Twilight.' These are haircuts that have come to be adopted by hordes of people, mostly young - but also a few of the young at heart.

It really isn't that Robert-Pattinson is the one who came up with the haircuts that have come to be associated with him; for these were there, in various forms, well before him. Rather, it is Robert-Pattinson who has come to be seen as the 'public face' of these haircuts, in the process ending up being the person whose name ended up being given to the series of haircuts.

While there are various specific haircuts that may qualify to be termed as being among Robert Pattinson haircuts, the one thing they all have in common is this tendency to make the person wearing them come across as rather 'stylish;' for that is the tag with which Robert-Pattinson is associated.

What is worth noting, with regard to the term 'Robert-Pattinson Haircuts' is that it is a term that refers to a series of unique haircuts that Robert Pattinson was seen with in the duration when he acted the Twilight, and the period thereafter. These were characterized by medium sized hair, shorter on the sides rather than on the top, which was in turn worked into the so-called 'luxurious locks.' It is important to make this distinction, because in the period after that, Robert Pattinson has come to be spotted with a series of other haircuts, including a short crew-cut (which went on to be major news for the tabloids) - but about which there was really nothing unique; so they don't qualify to be termed as Robert Pattinson haircuts in the realest sense of the word.

The beauty of Robert-Pattinson haircuts (the original ones, characterized by medium sized hair, worked into luxurious locks) is that they are not really 'face-shape specific.' Whatever the shape of your face - where it be the oblong variety, the ovalish variety, the squarish variety...and pretty much anything else, you can wear Robert Pattinson haircuts - and look good in them. In the same spirit, Robert-Pattinson haircuts are not really very hair-type specific. Thus, whether you hair is thinning or of medium thickness, you can still wear them - and look good in them. Of course, if your hair is too thick, you may have a bit of a problem with Pattinson haircuts (as they may not hold too well), but all in all, that wouldn't mean that you absolutely cannot get the haircuts.

The basic characteristic of Robert Pattinson haircuts is that the hair is crafted in such a way that the hair on the sides of the head ends up shorter than the hair on the top of the hair. Of course, for that to work, you do need medium sized hair. After you attain the requisite cut, getting the desirous 'shabby look' becomes just a question of applying styling gel, and then blow drying the hair at; at a low setting.

Robert Pattinson Haircuts
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